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Crowns of Glory Wigs

Welcome to Crowns of Glory Wigs!  Where we build your crown (of glory hair replacement system) one Gem at a time.

Hi  my name is Nichole and I go by the name of The Lady of Lace on Youtube! 
You maybe struggling with the loss of your Crown of Glory!  That's right, your hair maybe shedding, thinning or literally falling out of your head!  And while some people can "Shake It Off" and move on; there are those of us who feel less desirable, less feminine, and/or incomplete.  Well I can empathize with both sides, because that's where I was during my hair loss journey.

That is until I realized that my true beauty is not my hair!  It is the kind, considerate and loving person inside of me.  Now, saying that; I still wanted my hair (smile) or at least some hair for my outward beauty.  Let's not get it twisted, I'm still a woman.  And I like looking my very best.  And if wigs can help me feel that way; then that was the way for me to go.  Like  most little girls, I grew up playing dress up and with my dolls hair.  So I fell in love with the different styles, textures, lengths and colors of hair.  And I still love it today!!

So when I found through trials and errors and lots of money spent, quality wig makers that will provide me with units that last and use the best hair on the market; I wanted to share that with you!  This way, you don't have to go through the disappointments and frustrations of paying your hard earned money on poor quality hair systems that sheds, tangle or leave bald spots;  nor go through the shady side of buying online from vendors (or posers) who only want to get your money and not supply you with your purchase!  Been there, done that for you!

My wigs are custom made just for you,  by tried and trusted wig makers from all over the world!  I search high and low for the best quality of hair, wig construction and provide the best customer service around .  I provide you with custom made lace wigs, thin skin wigs, silicone and silk lace wigs.  Each has it's own benefits to meet your individual needs for security, durability and natural realism!

We all have different head sizes, different hair textures and different tones that we like in our wigs, so a wig that is mass produced (one size fits all) doesn't quite do it for us. Sometimes we want our very own custom made unit, the one that will look so real even you forget it's a wig!   So go ahead look around my site, I have pictures of units that I have purchased in the past for myself or clients to showcase; however, if you find you would like a custom designed wig, please contact me and I would be honored to assist you in your first quality custom made wig.

Thanks for joining me in my love of hair!

I hope to hear from you soon! Check back later for new updates to my blog "It's just a Wig" and new wigs on my website. There's so much more to come!

Nichole - Be Blessed & A Blessing!

The Lady of Lace!

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