Wigs custom fit to your Crown!

Crowns of Glory Wigs

Double-sided Waterproof Lace Wig Tape

Only $2.65

Custom Crown Services

We are NOT a mass production company!  We specialize in Custom made Wigs!!

Glueless Full Lace Wigs

No Tape or Wig Glue Needed

Our Full Lace Glueless Wigs are designed for women/men who want the full lace experience but not the glue or tape to keep the unit in place.

Thin Skin Wigs

Polyurethane material

Our Thin Skin Wigs are designed for the chemo, radiation or Alopecia patient who wants a realistic looking wig without the aggravation of itchy lace on their sensitive scalps.  This unit will mold to the skin without adhesive or tape; and can be removed every night.

Silicone Wigs

The Gripper

Our Silicone Wigs are a combination of lace and silicone to create a wig base that will grip the skin for a secure hold without the use of tape or wig glue.  It offers ventilation that the thin skin does not.

Full Silk Top

Realistic is the Game

Our Full Silk Top wigs are the Game Changer!  It can be worn be ALL!!  People with or without hair.  We use either thin skin around the hairline for a flush transition into the silk or we can use lace around the hairline for a more natural look when the hair is up in a pony tail or undo.
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